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Our Story
  Generations of farm fresh goods  

Dave and Rita’s Farm Market and Bakery is located in Romulus, New York in the beautiful Finger Lakes region.

Dave and Rita’s is named after our mother and father, David S. and E. Marguerite (Rita) Wilson. Dad came to Sampson Naval base from Alton, Illinois for his naval Basic Training in the 1940s. During that time, the city of Kendaia, just on the edge of Sampson naval base, was a booming metropolis, as the “country folk” called it then. The Kendaia Church had dances that allowed the newbie sailor an opportunity to “rest and relax”. It was at one of these church dances that Dave Wilson and Marguerite Hudson met, and fell in love.

Mom grew up on the shores of Seneca Lake. Grandma and Grandpa, were farmers, and we grandkids loved to roller skate on the third floor of their home. To this day, we say to our children and grandchildren what Mom used to say when we did not want to go to school – “I used to walk bare foot, in snow up to my knees, uphill both ways to get to school.”

After Dad’s stint in the South Pacific aboard a heavy cruiser, he returned to Romulus, NY, where he and our Mom got married and raised four children. My earliest memory is Mom walking out to the garden, picking a ripe tomato and eating it just like an apple. It was my Mom and Dad’s love for the land that was instilled in all of their children and grandchildren - 10 grandchildren and, at last count, 10 Great-Grandchildren.

After 30 years of traveling and living all over these great United States, we decided to follow our parent’s roots. On October 1, 2010 – in loving memory of our parents – Dave and Rita’s Farm Market and Bakery opened its doors.

"From our family to your family”
Tom and Lisette Wilson

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