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  From the farm  
  • We start most of our fruits and vegetables from seed in our greenhouse

  • We do not use any herbicides or pesticides in any of our field where fruits and vegetable are grown

  • We transplant all of our ready fruit and vegetable stock in plastic culture with underground drip irrigation

  • Underground drip irrigation allows us to water and fertilize at the root level - we do not overhead water or fertilize

  • We limit our pest irradiation program to minimum standards

  • We water by capturing rain water off our roof into a 2,500 gallon potable water storage container

  • Any fruit or vegetable that is not sold in the market is provided to the local food pantries

  • Future plan: wind turbine that will power all the market, bakery and greenhouse energy needs

  Fresh is best 

We only carry select local produce and fruits and vegetables grown on our own farm.

FRESH Sweet Corn
Red Onions
Pickling Cucumbers
Head Lettuce
Bibb lettuce
Green Pepper
Local on-the-vine Tomatoes

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